Princess Street, Manchester - Pile Wall Mercia Energy from Waste - Completed Secant Pile Wall A1CH2MC - Completed Soil Nail Slope Ipswich, River Wall Replacement - New Front Wall Swords Dublin - Installed Ground Anchor Loch Ryan - Driven Steel Tube Piles Heathrow - Diaphragm Wall & Ground Anchors Fisher Street - Completed Soil Nail Wall Croydon - Secant Wall and Bearing Piles Leicester -Secant Wall Preston - Shaft Drax Overview Aldgate Place - Rotary Bored Bearing Piles

Byland Engineering Limited is an independent engineer led and client focused geotechnical consultant providing a wide range of services. 

We have a particular specialisation in the design and optimisation of piling and ground engineering schemes.

At Byland, we:

  • investigate, interpret and analyse the ground
  • provide independent advice and recommendations
  • undertake geotechnical and structural design

We have particular expertise in the assessment and design of basements, piles, anchors, soil nails, reinforced and anchored earth, tunnels and shafts, earthworks, slopes and foundations.