Byland Engineering was established as a sole trader practice by John Gannon in 2001 and was incorporated in May 2004. Jim Martin joined the company as a director and shareholder in September 2005. James Binns, who joined Byland from university in 2005, became a director and shareholder in 2014. Will Frampton re-joined Byland in 2014 as a shareholder and director. In addition to the three directors, Mary Lees joined Byland in September 2017 from Sheffield University as a graduate geotechnical engineer, Billy Sturdy as a graduate geotechnical engineer in August 2019, Jacob Phillips as graduate geotechnical engineer in September 2020 and more recently Elouise Fairclough as a graduate geotechnical engineer in July 2021.

The company is based in York and operates UK wide and internationally. We are dedicated to high quality customer focused geotechnical engineering investigation, design and construction. Byland works for a wide variety of clients including Main Contractors, Specialist piling and geotechnical Contractors, Consultants, Government Departments, Major Infrastructure Owners and Operators and local Councils. We service civil engineering construction and building development, road, rail, harbour, coastal, water & sewerage, power, utilities, health, nuclear, education, housing and heritage sectors.                       

The practice undertakes investigation, analysis, interpretation, reports, advice and designs for the ground and structures contained in it or founded on it. The identification and development of alternative cost effective practical ground engineering solutions is a key service. Particular specialisation includes the design and optimisation of retaining walls, piled foundations, ground anchors, soil nails, basements, tunnels and shafts, earthworks, slopes and conventional foundations.  We routinely design to Eurocodes 2, 3 and 7 as well as established British Standards for geotechnical and structural design.

Byland provides a single service point from initial feasibility or desk study through to intrusive ground investigation and laboratory testing, engineering assessments, engineering design, temporary works design and independent design checking and certification. We produce calculation reports, design drawings and schedules and specifications. We carry out the integrated geotechnical and structural design for “geotechnical structures” and operate a wide range of engineering analysis software including the Oasys “Geo” Suite (FREW, ALP, PILE, PDISP, XDISP, SLOPE, ADSEC) TEDDS, WALLAP, PIGLET, REPUTE, SNAILZ, gINT, TALREN, GRLWEAP, CLiq and AutoCAD. We also perform finite element simulations of geotechnical structures using PLAXIS 2D.

Expert witness & services for dispute resolution and construction litigation are provided by the Directors.

The Byland service is based on a thorough understanding of client needs, technically sound investigation of problems and identification of robust yet economic, innovative and practical engineering solutions. We are a small specialist company so all of our clients receive and benefit from the personal attention of either James Binns who is a Chartered Civil Engineer or Will Frampton who is a Chartered Geologist with, between them, over 30 years of industry experience in contracting and consulting.  John Gannon retired from the Company at the end of March 2021 and Jim Martin retired from the end of March 2022.